• All Graduating students (2023)  must download and print the Lykeios Primer. Click here to download the form LYKEIOS PRIMER
  • Bring the signed Lykeios Primer on your pictorial schedule. Those who opt to submit their photos instead of undergoing pictorials must submit the signed form to their respective yearbook coordinators.
  • The pictorial is on a first-come-first-served basis so we urge you to come early. Make sure that you have read the guidelines and the additional reminders on this webpage.

College, ETEEAP and Graduate School Class of 2023

COLLEGE, ETEEAP and GRADUATE SCHOOL Class of 2023 Deadline for the submission of photos and Lykeios Primer for those who will not undergo pictorial in LPU will be on September 22, 2023. These students will have to submit the photos and primer to their respective yearbook coordinators as indicated on this webpage.

Pictorial Guidelines for College, ETEEAP and Graduate School


IMPORTANT: LPU has the right to not allow students to undergo the yearbook pictorial or exclude photos if they do not follow the protocols or the guidelines stated herein.
Additional Reminders for all of those who will undergo pictorial and those who will be submitting photos:
• Simple make-up and hairstyle for females. (please do not wear falsies that are too thick and long)
• Clean-shaven, neat hair, no earrings for males.
• Colored contact lenses are not allowed
• Loud or blonde colored hair is not allowed (refer to guidelines on student handbook if you don’t have a copy ask PODO or OOSA)
• Hand props and statement boards will not be allowed for the glam shot.
• Too revealing clothes, lingerie, goth themed attire, onesies, military regalia, chef’s uniform, Sports attire, pajamas and scrub suits are NOT ALLOWED for the GLAM Shot


Senior High School: Mr. Raymond Alday

CAMP: Ms. Cyrene Amorado

CBA: Ms. EJ Luistro


CCS: Mrs. Maria Cristina Ramos

CCJE: Mrs. Rowena Mojares

CEAS: Ms. Edielyn Gutierrez

CITHM: Dr. Khristine Mangundayao

   & Ms. Beatrice Datinguinoo

COE: Ms. Rhaine Cruzat

CON: Ms.Marecel Magboo

DENT: Ms. Venus Bautista

LIMA: Ms. Hencel Shaira Vizco

& CM Edward Umali

ETEEAP: Ms. Maricon Adarlo

Grad School: Ms. Pauleen Caymo

& Mr.Keith Alviar