Grades 9-10

Expected School Wide Learning Results

Competent Learners

  • Accomplish tasks and solve problems using a higher order of thinking skills 
  • Possess knowledge, skills and values that are compliant with local and international standards 
  • Demonstrate information technology literacy skill 
  • Show awareness and responsibility for environmental, local and global issues 
  • Use various lifelong learning strategies and practical skills for survival and leadership 
  • Explore new challenges by integrating knowledge and experiences  from   different subject areas  
  • Conduct basic researches that can be beneficial to the school and the community 
  • Engage in activities using basic knowledge in business management and entrepreneurship 

Committed Achievers

  • Complete tasks with discipline, determination and sense of urgency 
  • Strive for excellence and continuous improvement 
  • Set specific, realistic and challenging goals 
  • Produce quality outputs through engagement in meaningful activities 

Credible and Values-Driven Individuals

  • Manifest faith in the Supreme Being/Creator 
  • Display self-control, discipline, industry and humility 
  • Identify and recognize personal, moral and spiritual values and belief 
  • Practice honesty, fairness and transparency when dealing with others 
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills through effective listening, establishing rapport, and expressing respect for self and others 

Collaborative Team Leaders/Members

  • Accept diversity and demonstrate respect for individual and cultural differences 
  • Actively participate in decision making processes 
  • Handle and resolve conflicts effectively being part of a team 
  • Display cooperation and teamwork skills by assuming membership and leadership roles 

Competitive Communicators

  • Express ideas clearly and effectively both in oral and written communication 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the native and English Language 
  • Use functional skills in foreign language 

Creative Thinkers

  • Apply varied problem-solving processes to real life situations 
  • Approach situations in creative and effective ways 


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