Level IV PACUCOA Accredited

Liberal Arts Program

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College of Education, Arts and Sciences (CEAS) envisions itself to be a leader in the Liberal arts, Psychology and Education Programs in the Asia Pacific Region. 


The College of Education, Arts and Sciences commits itself into the integral development of the individual to enable him to experience the fullness of human life that will make him a social agent of change in our society. 


Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The Bachelor of Arts Communication program aims to produce graduates who have mastery of a range of communication industry skills, supported by extensive, contextual studies in communication/media theory, and professional skills in preferred areas of journalism, broadcast, advertising, public relations, media production (radio, television, and film), organization and business communication, creative and the performing arts. It also seeks to develop critical, articulate students by offering a wide range of subjects that meet the industry demand and increase the employability of graduate. 

Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program is designed to equip the students with the necessary design fundamentals and production methods that render aesthetics and purpose. It aims to develop the students’ technical and creative skills to properly implement the integration of multimedia elements by means of state-of-the-art computer technology. 

Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology program is a four-year course that provides training for office work industry and clinical psychology practice. 

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Sciences

The Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Sciences program aims to develop highly motivated and competent teachers specializing in the content and pedagogy for Sciences in basic secondary education. 

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education program provides students with fundamental understanding and application of the principles of early childhood education care and education, as well as experiences in the application of these principles. 

Bachelor of Physical Education

The Bachelor of Physical Education program draws from the knowledge of allied fields: exercise and sports sciences, life sciences, social and behavioral sciences; and employs interdisciplinary instruction to permeate all aspects of the learners’ lives and develop them integrally. 


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