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Inspired by the vision to be a recognized university in the Asia Pacific Region by 2022, the LPU Graduate School is committed to its pursuit of academic excellence in graduate education to develop competent purposive professionals in various disciplines (business, public administration, health, maritime, arts, science, and technology) constantly in search of truth and act with fortitude (Veritas et Fortitudo) in the service of God and country (Pro Deo Et Patria). 


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Doctor in
Public Administration

The Doctor in Public Administration Program is designed for experienced professionals who intend to engage in the practice of public administration.  The program is devoted to bridging the worlds of scholarship and practice. The intention is to spark discussions and stimulate research that improves public and non-profit management in the Philippines and the global community. 

Master in
Public Administration

The Master in Public Administration Program (MPA) is a graduate degree program for professionals and students who would like to work in government or engage in public service and non-profit organizations.  The program is designed to provide excellent foundations for existing and potential public administrators.  For those already working in those areas, the curriculum aims to further enhance their skills in governance. 

Doctor of Philosophy
in English Language Studies

The program covers the recent development in psychology in language and learning, advanced discourse analysis, advanced literary criticism, curriculum design, language testing and evaluation, and research in language and literature. Students are provided with adequate learning activities and experiences on researches in literature and language to come up with expected desired lifelong learning competencies that will enable them to be good practitioners and teachers of language and stewards of cultural and educational growth and development in the local and global arena. 

Master of Arts
in English Language Studies

The Master of Arts in English Language Studies (MAELS) program is designed to further explain and explore the foundation of language studies and the application of second language teaching approaches towards the enhancement of teaching and learning of the English language. Its focus is also on curriculum design, development and evaluation, and the enhancement of instructional materials through research and innovative techniques intended towards the continuous development of language teaching and learning. 

Doctor of
Philosophy in Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology program aims to provide students with highlevel training in teaching, research, and professional practice in psychology with an emphasis on high level of specialization in a field within psychology as teachers and researchers as well as specialists in the practice of psychology. 

Master of
Arts in Psychology

The Master of Arts in Psychology (MA PSYCH) is a graduate program that aims to provide graduate students highlevel training and intends to prepare them to practice in the areas of teaching, research and professional practice in psychology in the aspect of assessment and diagnosis, counseling, group influence and psychological research.  

Doctor of
Philosophy in Management

PhD in Management program aims to develop and sharpen management theories to enhance their contribution to management education and practice.  This mission of PhD. Program in Management is to produce individuals who shape both the academic profession and the practice of Management through their excellence in research, teaching and service.  The program focuses on establishing a solid conceptual and methodological foundation that graduates can build on throughout their careers.  The vast majority of the program experiences are designed to develop the students’ research abilities and to prepare them to communicate that research to a variety of audiences. 

Master in
Business Administration

The MBA Program is designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. MBA aims to equip one with the current and emerging theories, techniques, and practices of management and help prepare them for senior management positions in both public and private sector organizations through engaging in a stimulating and intellectually demanding environment, in which one is encouraged to engage with the academic literature, case studies, and each other, whilst reflecting on their own managerial and business perspective. 

Doctor of Philosophy
in Management Specialized in Education

The PhD in Management Specialized in Education program is designed for education professionals to have the opportunity to engage in systematic, critical, and analytic inquiry into the theory and practice of educational leadership and management across the whole range of educational institutions and related organizations. It intends to complement the existing knowledge, skills, competencies, and attitude with up-to-date theories, concepts, and competencies in the various areas of educational management and leadership through the adoption of innovative and technologyenabled teachinglearning strategies, independent study, and lifelong learning experiences. 

Master of Arts
in Educational Leadership and Management

The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management is a program with specializations intended to provide graduate students in the region and the whole country in general with professional competencies needed in education and the application of theories and principles in educational leadership. The focus of instruction and training is to enable students who think of innovations and critically decide on issues that may be able to cope positively and effectively with the trends, management challenges in organization development, change and transformation in education and who become active participants in community development. 

Master of Science
in Medical Laboratory Science

The Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science is designed to produce scholars and high-level professionals in the field of laboratory medicine who demonstrate the professional competencies and ethical standards required in the local and global workplace. It seeks to hone the professional skills of its graduates that will enable them to become leaders in their careers and community and the process improve the delivery of health care services and ensure the continued growth and development of the profession. 

Master of
Arts in Nursing

The Master of Arts in Nursing Program is a thesis graduate program designed to produce graduates equipped with clinical specialization and leadership in adult health nursing or maternal and child nursing, and nursing administration students will have varied opportunities to develop their abilities, attitudes and skills in the delivery of services in nursing education, practice and administration. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice with specialization in Criminology

The program endeavors to develop the students’ expertise in the field of Criminology and Criminal justice. It promotes their highest level of professional competence in criminological theory, research methods, and criminal justice policy; as well as in-depth knowledge in areas of specialization within criminology and/or criminal justice.  

More importantly, the doctoral degree program is bestowed based on evidence that the candidate has achieved a high level of proficiency in independent scholarship and research assessed through course grades, the comprehensive exam, the production of a publishable quality empirical paper, and successful defense of the dissertation. 

Master of Science in Criminal Justice with specialization in Criminology

This program prepares students to excel in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice by equipping them with the advanced knowledge and skills for positions of leadership and responsibility in private, non-profit, and government organizations, dealing with issues of crime, justice, and law enforcement.  It provides training in social science research and methods for students seeking to pursue academic careers. This is attained through coursework and learning experiences that emphasize up-to-date knowledge about contemporary policies and practices in crime and justice, and the development of skills needed for students to become more globally competitive in the fields. 

Doctor of Philosophy in International Hospitality and Tourism Management

The PhD in International Hospitality and Tourism Management program was the Asia Pacific’s First Post Graduate International Centre of Excellence 5 stars Accredited by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management. The program was offered by LPU Batangas in Academic Year 2016-2017. This advanced graduate program develops individuals’ expertise in independent research, data collection, and scholarly writing in the field of their specialization. It also prepares the students for a high-level career in the hospitality and tourism industry. Contemporary hospitality, travel and tourism issues, international business strategic management, organizational theory, leadership in global management are some of the focused areas of study. To complete the PhD program, a student must successfully pass the comprehensive examination, propose and complete a dissertation on a specific aspect of hospitality and tourism management.  

Master in International
Hospitality and Tourism Management

MIHTM started in Academic Year 2010-2011. The program was the Asia Pacific’s First Post Graduate International Centre of Excellence 5 stars Accredited by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management. This provides the students with the requisites and professional expertise to progress in their careers whether as academicians and researchers in a specialized field or as senior manager in hospitality and tourism enterprise. Some of the courses include Quality Management System, Legal and Current Issues, Global Marketing Strategy, and Managing a Diverse Culture in Hospitality and Tourism.  

Master of Science
in Information Technology

The Master of Science Information Technology (MSIT) degree program is designed for the advancement of professional careers of the individual in the field of Information Technology. The program covers the overall infrastructures and implementation of IT initiatives and different aspects of information technology such as IoT, emerging technologies and analytics and to produce societal and organizational leaders. 

Master of Science in
Industrial Engineering

The Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) is a researchbased and advanced graduate degree program focused on preparing professionals in the design, evaluation, and operation of complex industrial systems in all sectors of the economy. The program aims to develop well-rounded practicing engineers and technologists who can integrate empirical observations and theories with actual practice towards more effective sustainable systems.  

Master in
Maritime Education and Training

The Master in Maritime Education and Training is intended to respond to the needs of maritime higher education institutions in the advancement of maritime education through the specialized development of the professional faculty and academic personnel of maritime schools. It is designed to cater graduates of the Maritime Program to become more proficient professional educators which specifically covers the areas of specializations in maritime education and training with deeper understanding of the subject matters. 


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