Academic Center

The Academic Center (ACCE) is a professional environment focused on assisting the academic community in developing study skills and strategies for them to become confident, independent, and active learners. To increase the skills required to meet their academic objectives, it is our priority to train and assist our students and academic staff in the innovative use of digital technologies to support technology-enhanced learning.

The Academic Center will also administer the University’s Learning Management System. In addition, the center will supervise and monitor the Laurel Program which aims to develop students’ competencies and soft skills for them to become well-rounded graduates and future-ready individuals.



To promote the advancement of the university’s educational experience through appropriate integration of digital technology for teaching and learning, and assist students to maximize their potential in achieving graduate competencies through the Laurel Program.


The Academic Center is committed to supporting administrators, academic staff, students, and other stakeholders by providing appropriate infrastructure and resources in the development of effective, collaborative, and vibrant learning experiences in the University.


  1. Manage the university’s Learning Management System (myLPU) and its users.
  2. Provide training to students and faculty members on LMS and other educational technology tools.
  3. Promote innovative use of digital tools and technologies to aid technology-enhanced learning.
  4. Supervise and monitor the Laurel Program.

Our Team

Ms. Mischelle A. Esguerra, MIS

Mr. King Paul A. Autor
E-Learning Specialist

Ms. Mara M. Vega
E-Learning Specialist


Academic Center

Email: academiccenter@lpubatangas.edu.ph

Landline: (043) 723-0706 loc. 169

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcadCenter/

YouTube: https://bit.ly/2TKf1vP

Ground Floor, JPL Building, Main Campus


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