Onboard Training Office

The Onboard Training Office is responsible for the administration and coordination of activities and other requirements for student cadets undergoing the onboard training. Its function is to provide cadets with an onboard training program with the opportunity to use a ship as a sea-going laboratory wherein they are required to complete their Training Record Books and practice watchkeeping duties recorded in the Daily Journal.



  • Arrange and facilitate the embarkation of cadets
  • Conduct thorough orientation of cadets on the process and requirements of onboard training.
  • Ensure that all cadets undergoing seagoing service shall be issued MARINA-approved TRB before their embarkation.
  • Coordinate with the shipping company and manning agency on the schedule of embarkation of cadets and the standard training agreement.
  • Monitor the progress of students undergoing onboard training
  • Administer post-onboard training assessment
  • Conduct debriefing, validation of the Training Record Book and the seagoing service, and issue notarized “Certificate of Validation, Assessment, and Approval”.
  • Assists and monitors cadets in their MARINA Licensure Examination.
  • Endorses cadets and alumni for shipboard employment
  • Conducts tracer study of graduates

Our Team

Capt. Alexander A. Gonzales
Dean, LIMA

Capt. Ryan Lacanlale
Onboard Training Supervisor

Ms. Anna Korina Silang
Onboard Training Coordinator

Ms. Jennifer Medrano
Onboard Training Liaison Assistant


Onboard Training Office
Email: sto@lpubatangas.edu.ph
Landline: 043 702-9993
Mobile number: +639661926400
GF, Pacific Ocean Building, LIMA Campus


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