Bachelor of Science in
International Travel and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tourism Management (BSITTM) provides in-depth knowledge in the fields of hospitality and tourism education. It provides the students the opportunity to become involved in managing and planning, to work in the dynamic tourism industry and sectors like hospitality and travel and tourism. The program will give you the knowledge and understanding of how tourism businesses operate, and how tourists behave, and what impact tourism has on countries, cultures, and the environment. It also helps develop a wide range of skills that can be applied to a variety of managerial and entrepreneurial roles in the expanding tourism industry and it provides exposure to becoming globally competitive in the management of the travel, tour, and hospitality industry. 


  • Center of Excellence in Tourism Program as awarded by the Commission on Higher Education
  • PACUCOA Level IV Accredited Status
  • International Center of Excellence (4-stars) awarded by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management (APIEM)
  • Fully Accredited by The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE)

Download Curriculum

The complete program curriculum for Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tourism Management (BSITTM)



Three to five years after graduation, graduates of BSITTM Program shall:

  1. Be gainfully employed or established own business in tourism and related industries demonstrating holistic competencies required for local and international business operations
  2. Attain supervisory or managerial level position in local and international tourism industries
  3. Engage in life-long learning through continuous personal and professional development
  4. Participate in research-related or corporate social responsibility activities that will contribute to the promotion of tourism activities and development


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