ETEEAP - Bachelor of
Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. Professional courses begin in the first year and are threaded through the development of competencies up to the fourth-year level with emphasis on the nursing concepts with corresponding Related Learning Experiences (RLE). The BSN program provides an intensive nursing practicum that will refine further nursing competencies to ensure the achievement of the program outcomes required of an entry-level nurse.

Graduates of the BSN program have wide and varied opportunities in different fields of the Nursing profession.

In ETEEAP LPU-Batangas we: 

  1.  OFFER alternative venue for continuing quality higher education; 
  2.  PROVIDE competency enhancement programs toward completion of required competencies; 
  3.  DEVELOP comprehensive assessment and evaluation tools as a bridging mechanism for flexible entry and recognition of prior formal and non-formal learning experience;  
  4.  AWARD DEGREE program and competency certificates to deserving individuals. 


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