Training ground for

Globally competitive engineers

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The College of Engineering of the Lyceum of the Philippines University intends to be a leader in engineering education in the Asia Pacific Region which develops future Engineers who are committed to serve God and Country.


The College of Engineering of the Lyceum of the Philippines University shall produce academically and technically competent Engineers who are God-fearing, nationalistic, globally competitive individuals who can assume active leadership in the field of Engineering. 


Bachelor of
Science in Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering brings together the various sciences concerned with technology, production of goods, the performance of sciences, and the ways people work. It integrates human, information, material, monetary and technological resources to produce quality and cost-competitive goods and services in a healthy and efficient work environment.

Bachelor of
Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a profession that concerns the mechanical design, energy conversion, fuel and combustion technologies, heat transfer, materials noise control and acoustics, manufacturing processes, rail transportation, and automatic control, with safety and technological impacts to the society. 

Bachelor of
Science in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a profession that applies engineering principles and methodologies in the analysis, design, implementation, and management of hardware, software, and the integration of both. 


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