I was just an average student when I entered LPU – Batangas. I tend to be the quiet type who would just want to blend in with the crowd. I know for myself I might not be the smartest, but LPU molded me to become the best version I could be. To stand out in the crowd. I owe a lot to this institution. Especially from my mentors at the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management who were more than just educators, they turned out to be friends and family. They prepared me for the real world. This was very evident as I landed a job just a week after my last final exams.

Kevin Remegio Barcelos Luna, BSITTM 2014

On my first step at the front gate of this prestigious university, I wondered how my life would run knowing that I will encounter a diverse group of students who are good at almost everything. I asked myself, “Can I stand out in this crowd? Am I really capable to take the lead?” But there’s no turning back, I need to take this path. I was a Senior High student back then. I became a lot of things during my SHS years. I became a student-leader-performer. My leadership ability was tested and enhanced for I was given a chance to lead the Senior High Department as their Student Council President. Moreover, it did not stop there because I was also able to improve my skills in performing arts through acting and writing scripts and monologues as an active member of LPU-Stagers. Most especially, this university’s fire of fortitude enlightened me to see my worth not just a student but as a competitive young professional in my chosen field of specialization. And now, I still chose to take the lead as I am taking up Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tourism Management which allows me to participate in community extension activities as a passionate leader and compete in various contests, representing both my college and LPU Batangas. I know that here in LPU, I won’t just be academically inclined, but I will also be morally and professionally upright.
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Brent Roi N. Gutierrez, 1st Year BSITTM