People around me thought that I didn’t take studies seriously especially during college. Honestly, those were not easy-peasy days for me. I was one of those who struggled and exerted efforts just to maintain good grades. It’s just that it was not obvious because I enjoyed the program that I was taking that time. My gratitude goes to LPU-Batangas because it offered me the exact course I ought to take and make me the best that I can be which also brought me to where I am today.

Alexis S. Salazar, BSIHM Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services 2016

As I look back, I couldn’t be more thankful to God for letting me live my dream of working in an International Cruise Ship. It was only a blurred dream before, no assurance that after taking my degree program in Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services that I will be given the chance to work as a Receptionist at one of the well-known Cruise Ships in Asia today. All of these blessings would never be possible without the help of LPU (Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas), which served as my second home for four years. This was the place that taught me how to become a professional Hospitality Practitioner. I will never forget all the times I spent at this wonderful university especially all of my professors as they honed e to become what I am today. I can justify that choosing LPU Batangas was the right choice for me and for my chosen career as they will not only give you quality education but would also develop your character with all the necessary traits to become professional in your chosen field. In LPU, you will not only learn your subjects objectively but you will be trained to apply it and test your skills to the limit.
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Princess Guerlain Madridano, BSIHM CLOHS 2016