It has been a long journey to achieve what I wanted to be – for me it has been a roller coaster ride before I got the position (Management). Way back in 2010, when I was in college our Instructor asked us why we choose BSHRA (Hotel and Restaurant Management) as our course: most of my classmates answered that they want to be a professional chef someday. I answered I want to become a professional manager and owner of my restaurant. But after seeing our professional chefs in LPU I shifted my course to BS CLOCA (Cruise line Operations in Culinary Arts) which taught me more about basic kitchen operations and thanks to our professors who honed me to learn more which lead me to compete in and out school culinary activities such as the National Food Showdown. LPU also taught me to become a leader which helped me a lot in managing people.

Ramon Philip O. Mendoza, BSIHM CLOCA, 2014