Kevin Remegio Barcelos Luna

Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tourism Management, 2014

Lead Cabin- Crew Cebu Pacific Air

Owner of MEAT me in Batangas

I was just an average student when I entered LPU – Batangas. I tend to be the quiet type who would just want to blend in with the crowd. I know for myself I might not be the smartest, but LPU molded me to become the best version I could be. To stand out in the crowd. I owe a lot to this institution. Especially from my mentors at the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management who were more than just educators, they turned out to be friends and family. They prepared me for the real world. This was very evident as I landed a job just a week after my last final exams. It was a hard choice, but I already started training to be a Flight Attendant even before the much-awaited traditional dedication nights and my graduation. I love my job, who wouldn’t want to have dinner in Sydney then have breakfast in Dubai, to eat sushi in Tokyo, or to have your Korean drama fix in Seoul. This was just a dream before, but LPU made it my reality. What truly makes me happy though is seeing the faces of our passengers. Bringing them home to their families or sending them off to their next great big adventure. I know LPU helped me find my purpose of serving our “kababayans” in my small way. This is not just evident with me but with the huge population of Lyceans also flying with our airline. My alma mater prepared me to be adaptive. We are facing a pandemic right now which affected not just the airline and tourism industry but everyone in the world. This prompted me to start a small business venture and with a little hard work turned out to be successful. True to our tagline “Take the Lead” this taught me not just to be a leader, but to be one that is values-driven and one who cares for the community. With the recent calamities, I with my fellow Lyceans were empowered and felt responsible to help those who need it the most. I wouldn’t be who I am today without LPU – Batangas who molded me to become a better person, I also hope that LPU is also proud of what I turned out to be. So, to all the current and future Lyceans out there I am certain that you will truly “Take the Lead” when you choose LPU! #ButiNaLangNagLyceumAko #YLP #LyceanLaurel