PHOENIX is 4th Best Performing Campus Publication

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PHOENIX, the official student publication of LPU Batangas placed 4th Best Performing Campus Publication in the Regional Higher Education Press Conference held at the Batis Aramin Hotel and Resort, Quezon January 11-13, 2017. Their individual and group winnings are as follows:


Kenneth John I. Luna, editor in chief
Sports Writing (English) – CHAMPION

Barnard Paolo C. De La Cruz, associate editor
Photojournalism (Filipino) – CHAMPION

Ed Jasper L. An, managing editor
Poetry Writing (Filipino) – 5th place

Arnealle Noelle D. Vergara, literary editor/sports editor
Sports Writing (Filipino) – CHAMPION

Matthew Z. Mercado, feature editor
Poetry Writing (English) – CHAMPION

Angela Zyvellia Bagos, feature editor
Feature Writing (Filipino) – 3rd place

Christian Emmanuel Mojado, news editor
Editorial Writing (English) – 6th place

Melody Francia Soriano, staff writer
Copyreading and Headline Writing (Filipino) – 6th place

Cris Mark C. Valeriano, opinion editor
Column Writing (Filipino) – 7th place

Samantha Claire Estrada, staff writer
Devcom Writing (Filipino) – 7th place

Graciella Sheine Lehmann, news editor
Devcom Writing (English) – 10th place

Thaddeus Adrian Dizon, probationary staff
Comics Strip (Filipino) – 8th place


John Carlo Molina, probationary staff
Editorial Writing (English) – 3rd place



News Page- 1st place
Devcom Page- 2nd place
Sports Page- 1st place
Opinion Page- 9th place
Feature Page- 8th place
Literary Page- 7th place
Cover Design- 3rd place
Page Design- 6th place
Best Magazine- 3rd place


News Page- 1st place
Devcom Page- 3rd place
Sports Page- 2nd place
Opinion Page- 5th place
Feature/ Literary Page- 3rd place
Page Design- 5th place
Best Broadsheet- 3rd place


Devcom Page- 1st place
Sports Page- 2nd place
Opinion Page- 4th place
Feature/Literary Page- 5th place
Page Design- 2nd place
Best Tabloid- 4th place


Best Concept- 1st place
Best Visual Arts- 2nd place
Best Content- 5th place
Best Literary Folio- 7th place

Adviser:  Ms. Mayette Gabrielle D. Manalo

Grammarian: Dr. Imelda L. An

Publication Director: Atty. Reynold S. Beredo

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