MR. LPU 2014 shares his LPU Story

MR. LPU 2014 shares his LPU Story
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MR. LPU 2014

After graduating from high school, LPU was my only choice for my college education. Aside from being the only university in Batangas offering Dental Education, it was also where my parents met and graduated from. Honestly, I never felt scared nor worried on what could possibly happen. I feel comfortable with LPU’s environment. I know I made the right decision in choosing my second home.

I vividly remember my first day in LPU; it was the Freshmen Orientation and University tour (2011). Since that day, I always felt excited to go to school looking forward for LPU’s surprises and to what LPU can offer all throughout my six-year stay here.

But what really made LPU feel like home are the officials, teachers and staff who treated everyone like family. Yes, surviving college requires more effort than it does in high school but I know everything that I experience within the university, be it good or not so good, will help me in the future. I am very fortunate to have such dedicated professors who help us become passionate and motivated future dental practitioners. Aside from the academic programs, LPU has organizations that offer a wide range of activities to spice up one’s college life. As for me, I joined the school paper (Phoenix) and became a staff artist for one year, I also played badminton in the PISTAKASAN event and I was also able to represent my department in the university-wide debate and won as the best debater. I also had the chance of becoming a student leader as I was the president of my class since 2011 until now. I also took part in the Lyceum Supreme Student Council (A.Y. 2012-2013) and participated in numerous community extension activities. Those kinds of activities surely awakened the leader within me and ignited my desire to help other people. Moreover, I also confidently learned public speaking through hosting numerous events within the University. Aside from all those, pageants are common in LPU and I was lucky enough to experience and win some titles. I was Mr. Freshmen 2011. In my junior year I became Mr. Dentistry, and finally, Mr. LPU 2014. Responsibilities along with these titles are great and expectations of being a good role model are high but through the help and guidance of my advisers, teachers, mentors and friends, I know I was able to fulfill my duties with flying colors. I learned new things about myself, things I never thought I was capable of doing thus making me a better person.

Before, I thought college was all about stress, survival of the fittest, and just earning one’s degree and diploma. I was wrong. LPU made me change the way I look about College. College is where you’ll experience the best time of your life, meet new friends, get a chance to introduce yourself to everyone in the best and most professional way possible and widen your perspective about the reality of life. I’m happy that LPU gave me that chance and I will always be proud to be a Lycean.

I am now a junior clinician, a 5th year Dentistry student. I’m still looking forward for my big day, the day when I will receive my diploma and show everyone how skilled LPU Dentists are in providing quality dental services.

Without a doubt in my mind, I can truly say “Buti na lang nag Lyceum ako!”


John Mari Delgado
Mr. LPU 2014
College of Dentistry

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