Mr. Freshman 2014 shares his LPU Story

Mr. Freshman 2014 shares his LPU Story
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MAGSINO_AEven before I graduated from high school, it was already planned that Maritime is something I would take up in college. My parents never had any second thoughts as to where will I go for my schooling, they only had LPU in mind. At first, I was really quite upset because Marine Transportation is not what I really wanted. I tried convincing my parents about taking up courses in the field of communication and sciences. But eventually they won and I just needed to accept the fact that no matter how hard I tried to fight for what I really want, for some reasons, I just can’t win over my parents. Not to mention that my Dad is also a seafarer, so my Mom also wanted me to become one. Like what they’ve said, a career in maritime would certainly help me secure the future of our family. I will be the one who will continue what my father had started.

Gloomy as it may seem but my life had a sudden twist of fate. My life in LIMA at first was not that great. Funny as it may seem but yes, I could say that it was quite boring. As I go along counting the days that passed, many things seemed to unfold. I will never forget the moment when LIMA needed to pick a representative for LPU’s Mr. and Ms. Freshmen 2014. I was shocked when I was chosen to represent our college after the screening. What more when I was hailed as Mr. Freshman, it was indeed surreal. I won not for the reason that I am the best, but I believe I was the one who competed with full confidence guided by a gym full of supporters and personal prayers. I’ve learned so much more than I expected in that competition. Not only did it strengthen my skills in people-relation and public speaking, but I also acquired new knowledge of elegance and social graces to positively represent LIMA in public events. I not only became more involved in the university activities, but I also was able to reach out to other freshmen. Lending a hand to the student council of LIMA, seems to be a foreshadowing of things to come.  It will forever be a worthwhile experience because the competition’s journey does not stop there, I am excited for the coming years as I continue to become more involved in LPU’s never ending fun activities even after my title has been passed on. It seems vague, but really every time I go back to the time when my parents and I kept on arguing about what to take up for college, it taught me the importance of – Listening. We should take a chance to listen to our parents because they know what is best for us. The best things in life are not those rare moments that are exceptional, but those everyday moments, the routine that we create and the decisions we make. And today, being part of LPU is really what I am thankful for. I never thought of finding friends inside the college but also family that will surely support me all the way. Finding the right language to describe my first year’s journey in LPU has always been a challenge for me. I suppose I’ll end with exactly what I was hoping to find – a “happy roller coaster feeling.” And will prove to everyone that forever does exist. Because I will “FOREVER” be grateful of being a Lycean. Yes, FOREVER.

Buti na lang nag Lyceum ako!

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

Mr. Freshman 2014

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