Lyceum International Maritime Academy

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First maritime school to be ISO 9001:2008 certified and rated compliant with STCW ‘95

Master of Arts in Maritime Education and Training (MAMET)

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

This is a 4-year program designed to produce deck ratings who will eventually become deck officers who are highly trained, well-disciplined and responsive to the demands of technological advancements in shipboard operations, shipping management, cargo handling, ship propulsion for a sound and safe navigation of the riding public so as to ensure safety of goods and properties onboard the ships. Likewise, this course provides the students with the knowledge of trade, ethics, discipline and human elements involved which are necessary to adjust themselves to the special character and nature required of the profession.

Employment Opportunities

  • Deck Officer (3rd, 2nd & Chief Mate)
  • Operations Manager
  • Crewing Manager/Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Trainer (Training Center)
  • Instructor
  • General Manager (Shipping Company)
  • Technical Panel (CHED or PACUCOA)

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering

The curriculum is focused in having Engine ratings and officers who are well-prepared for shipboard operations. This course is aimed at producing graduates with comprehensive knowledge on the theoretical principles of Marine Engineering. This, likewise, aims to produce quality and productive Marine Engineers for the developmental needs in ship and engine installations, ship building, ship repairs and maintenance, marine survey, and other related fields both in the domestic and international shipping industry.

Employment Opportunities

  • Chief Marine Engineer
  • 2nd Marine Engineer
  • 3rd Marine Engineer
  • 4th Marine Engineer
  • Crewing Officer
  • Deck Officer (3rd, 2nd & Chief Mate)
  • Trainer
  • Technical Superintendent
  • Yard Superintendent

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