I was just an average student when I entered LPU – Batangas. I tend to be the quiet type who would just want to blend in with the crowd. I know for myself I might not be the smartest, but LPU molded me to become the best version I could be. To stand out in the crowd. I owe a lot to this institution. Especially from my mentors at the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management who were more than just educators, they turned out to be friends and family. They prepared me for the real world. This was very evident as I landed a job just a week after my last final exams.

Kevin Remegio Barcelos Luna, BSITTM 2014

Then came College, and where else can you get the best record for producing high-quality seafarers than our very own Lyceum International Maritime Academy (LIMA)! With the right mix of academics and extra-curricular activities, student-life was never boring, LIMA became home to me.
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Capt. Harold R. Janda, BSMT 1991

LPU has a tremendous contribution to my life. My competent professors helped me cope up when I was struggling as a foreign student. It was really a tough journey, but I was challenged to be at par with other Lyceans at that time. Looking back, I am grateful that the facilities back then, were supplementary to my learning experience. I will never forget Dr. Karen Magbojos’ “get a half sheet of paper” which signified a quiz back then pushed me to strive harder in my academics. Also, the internship program is a huge factor for Medical Technologists like me, especially the guidance of our Internship mentors. Up to now, my foreign co-workers here in Vienna, Austria admire my flexibility at work, leadership attributes, and competence in all areas of scientific methods taught in our university
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Lloyd Jason M. Papa, BS Medical Technology 2003

Being a student in a university like LPU where topnotchers and successful people are being shaped, we were expected and taught to be tough and excel not only academically, but also in extra-curricular activities.

On top of quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a professional environment, I have learned the confidence to speak with different levels of people. I have used the situations that the College of Business Administration (CBA) has put me into. From training to competitions, from personal mentorship to public speaking, these have greatly enriched me with the knowledge and skills that I need for my roles today.

JOHN RICK DC. CARINGAL Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration, 2014

Being in school, students are expected to learn facts, theories, and other things that were written in books. LPU B-CITHM is different, for me, it was extraordinary. I did not only gain all the basic knowledge and skills that I needed for my culinary career. I gained a lot more than that, through competitions, I became more persevering, patient, and diligent. Now, in my field of work as an I-Flight Chef, I learned that you need a lot of these traits for you to survive inside the kitchen. More than that being a student and having worked with LPU B- CITHM I gained what I consider to be my second family. Behind every great dream and goal, there is a greater God that will always guide us.

Robert Christopher Calayan BS Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations, 2013

It wasn’t an easy pill to swallow and had hindered me from trying anything new in fear of failing again, but if there’s anything my alma mater taught me, it was to not be afraid of failure. To count every misstep as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and grow. With every downfall, I had gained a lesson that could have not been taught had I not experienced failure first-hand. 
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Jamie Aclan, BSBA Marketing Management 2018

Seven years ago, BSPT was a five-year program at the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas. This university especially the Physical Therapy department honed my knowledge and skills in evaluating, assessing, and treating my patients with different conditions and cases. LPU – B was able to affiliate us on high quality academic and clinical- experienced hospitals and centers. Indeed, it trained me to deliver high quality and satisfactory Physical Therapy services to the patients. Our PT professors were the epitome of competency, commitment, credibility, collaborative skills, and caring attitudes. Thus, made me a true Lycean! Also, I was fortunate to find genuine friends and colleagues who were my classmates before.

Nieeveh M. Quilao, BS Physical Therapy, 2013

LPU is the right institution where you realize that your dream is reachable. Very generous to the students who are willing to learn, making sure that the graduates are well rounded in their chosen industry to become a very successful professional. LPU is intentionally designed to develop your intellect across multiple disciplines, as well as critical life skills, professional capabilities, and key aspects of your character. Your undergraduate education needs to be as multidimensional as you are. It should challenge you academically, expose you to a diversity of global cultures, and enable you to develop the broad knowledge and practical skills needed to solve the most complex issues of our time. My valuable experience in LPU-Batangas was when we had community service at the SHL Gawad Kalinga Village. This experience made me realize that I was very fortunate because my parents can provide the basic needs for my family and others cannot since they don’t have the means even for the most basic of things like food, clothing, and shelter. After that, I became more motivated to do well in school. Every day is a valuable experience as students were honed to be globally competitive since the institution sets the bar higher when it comes to excellence. I am who I am because of the knowledge I got from school. Thank you LPU for teaching me how to reach my dream. The culture that I saw…being humble and always have passion for what you do when I was studying were the main reasons why I always stand out from the rest of my co-workers. I owe my success to my beloved LPU family now I am a Resident ManagerofRaintree Hospitality Group, Boracay. Continue building the legacy of leading young minds to the frontier of the future.  #ButiNaLangNagLyceumAko
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Yvette Reglos Cabauatan, BS HRM 2009

My dream of becoming a police officer means I have to be equipped with confidence, knowledge, and skills to become one. My full scholarships indeed served as a bridge for me to pursue my higher education and become part of the Police Force. Being a “resident scholar” then means I must maintain my grades and other obligations to keep on track. And in 2005, I graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned my bachelor’s degree in criminology.
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Alma Hernandez Gapunuan, BS Criminology 2005

Almost three (3) decades after leaving my Alma Mater and still reminiscing those days when I was there. Thank you Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas (formerly Lyceum of Batangas) for helping me know what “SUCCESS” is all about.
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Radam Ramos, BS Criminology 1993