What LPU has taught me made me fully prepared and equipped for what I now do as a professional in an academic institution.  That never-ending drive to know more and learn more not only to manifest excellence but more importantly, to be of better service is a work ethic that has become deeply ingrained in me.  At the back of my head, I would always think that if I could do my tasks with the same drive for excellence that I have been trained to always adhere to and if I could impart to my colleagues and our clients the significance of love, care, and kindness in the same degree that I have been given as a student at LPU, then I would have been able to give back and then I would know that I have done well.
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Mr. Aldwin R. Jose, AB Psychology 1999

The journey I took was not the same as the path of an ordinary Medical Laboratory Science student. I have learned to juggle and toss the academic and the “outside the four corners” requirements. Looking back on how I progressed, I always saw myself armed with coffee and energy drinks just to keep me awake for the exams and laboratory manuals due. I was always ready for more challenges as my competitive streak kept me on my toes.
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Alexander I. Mendoza, BSMLS 2016

An American author once said, “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never get it”. I know that there is never a perfect formula for achieving what you want but for me, aiming for something means working for it. I will be always and forever grateful to my college, the Lyceum International Maritime Academy, for molding me into the person I am today – a person of character and competence. I am never afraid and always feel secure and confident as I pursue my journey and enter a more complex and challenging world. I know that the institution has equipped and prepared me with the talents and skills I need.
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CM John Ray M. Espina, BSMT 2014/MAMET 2020

Despite all the ups and downs of the business, I am still on top of my game. Also, I could say that Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas has taught me the essential knowledge to keep up with the competition in the industry. Its various programs under the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management provided the right exposure to many opportunities in the “real world” and equipped me with the proper training and experiences which I was able to use in my practice. There are challenges to come but LPU-Batangas has prepared me to be a versatile, competitive, and socially responsible hospitality professional and food service provider.
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Maria Grace Dalangin-Sigua, BSHRM 2011

My foundation as a Police Officer was formed through my schooling at the Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas where we were taught the theoretical and practical approach to every situation. Therefore, I share my SUCCESS with my Alma Mater. Part of who I am was because of the things that I learned from LPU. Through hard work, perseverance, determination, and lots of prayers, I am where I am right now. I am Police Lieutenant Ponciano Tafalla Ebora Jr., Deputy Chief of Police of Talisay Municipal Police Station, and a proud LYCEAN. #ButiNaLangNagLyceumAko
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PLT Ponciano T. Ebora Jr., BS Criminology 2007

Entering college is quite difficult for me when I was about to take my course at the Lyceum of Batangas, now Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas.  Thinking of the high tuition fees of being a nursing student, I opted to take BS Criminology instead though it was not my cup of tea. With my determination and dedication to fulfill my studies, I became part of the Dean’s List then. This inspired me to achieve more and be motivated. After I graduated, I luckily passed the board examination and was given a chance to work at my alma mater, to teach Criminology students. Feeling grateful for working with my best instructors gave me the opportunity to do things that were beyond my expectations.
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PLT Liezel Pagcaliwagan- Hernandez, BS Criminology 2007

In all honesty, LPU was never my first choice, but I once said I struck a goldmine with my job and it can easily apply to my experience with LPU as well. Had I not enrolled in this university; I would have never met such brilliant minds who saw the same in me. Professors and Directors, and so many others had been nothing but 100% supportive in my journey throughout my 4 years as a student and made the walls of LPU feel more than just stone. They made it feel as the school was built with halls of knowledge. 

Jamie Aclan, BSBA Marketing Management 2018

It has been a long journey to achieve what I wanted to be – for me it has been a roller coaster ride before I got the position (Management). Way back in 2010, when I was in college our Instructor asked us why we choose BSHRA (Hotel and Restaurant Management) as our course: most of my classmates answered that they want to be a professional chef someday. I answered I want to become a professional manager and owner of my restaurant. But after seeing our professional chefs in LPU I shifted my course to BS CLOCA (Cruise line Operations in Culinary Arts) which taught me more about basic kitchen operations and thanks to our professors who honed me to learn more which lead me to compete in and out school culinary activities such as the National Food Showdown. LPU also taught me to become a leader which helped me a lot in managing people.

Ramon Philip O. Mendoza, BSIHM CLOCA, 2014

I was just an average student when I entered LPU – Batangas. I tend to be the quiet type who would just want to blend in with the crowd. I know for myself I might not be the smartest, but LPU molded me to become the best version I could be. To stand out in the crowd. I owe a lot to this institution. Especially from my mentors at the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management who were more than just educators, they turned out to be friends and family. They prepared me for the real world. This was very evident as I landed a job just a week after my last final exams.

Kevin Remegio Barcelos Luna, BSITTM 2014

Then came College, and where else can you get the best record for producing high-quality seafarers than our very own Lyceum International Maritime Academy (LIMA)! With the right mix of academics and extra-curricular activities, student-life was never boring, LIMA became home to me.
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Capt. Harold R. Janda, BSMT 1991