Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management specialized in Cruiseline Operations in Culinary Arts, 2014

Company: Grand Sierra Pines Hotel Baguio

It has been a long journey to achieve what I wanted to be – for me it has been a roller coaster ride before I got the position (Management). Way back in 2010, when I was in college our Instructor asked us why we choose BSHRA (Hotel and Restaurant Management) as our course: most of my classmates answered that they want to be a professional chef someday. I answered I want to become a professional manager and owner of my restaurant. But after seeing our professional chefs in LPU I shifted my course to BS CLOCA (Cruise line Operations in Culinary Arts) which taught me more about basic kitchen operations and thanks to our professors who honed me to learn more which lead me to compete in and out school culinary activities such as the National Food Showdown. LPU also taught me to become a leader which helped me a lot in managing people. I started from the bottom just like what they were always telling us that we need to start from scratch and achieving your dreams will be difficult and there will be many challenges to face on. I started working as a Cabin Attendant in an inter-island fast craft, attending to the passengers who need assistance, cleaning toilets, cleaning areas, and sometimes the standing long hours just to attend to our travelers whenever we had rough seas. After a year, I decided to hone my kitchen operations knowledge where I became a commis chef in a buffet restaurant in Batangas. Then I resigned and tried to apply for work in cruise ships – yes, I tried traveling to Makati, Manila to Batangas for almost a month but I failed. Failing is what I hated the most, so I tried my luck in a Chineses Restaurant in Bauan where my friends are working and hired me as wait staff. Back then, I realized that I finally have seen where I am happy working with until one day someone told me that there were job opportunities in Europe, specifically Poland. I tried and got a job. But that was one BIG disappointment once again. When I was in Poland, I experienced discrimination of ethnicity and culture which lead me to give up my Europe Dreams. I came back to the Philippines and the first restaurant I visited was the Chinese Restaurant where I used to work with my former manager asked me when will I start working with them again? I answered tomorrow if you need me (because that time I was so hopeless and desperate to get a job again). And as time passed by, another great opportunity opened their doors for me. I become the Restaurant Manager of Dencio’s at the age of 23. I told myself that this will be the start of something new that I need to stand not just for me but for my staff, new learnings, new beginnings. After almost 2 years working with my amazing team of our boss asked me if I wanted to try working in one of his hotels in Baguio, he told me that he wanted to measure my skills and knowledge in managing people so I did not pass this opportunity presented to me, and here I am now working as a Food and Beverage Manager of Grand Sierra Pines Hotel in Baguio. The road may be full of hardships and disappointments but that should not hinder you in achieving what you want in life. #ButiNaLangNagLyceumAko