Jamie Aclan

BSBA Marketing Management, 2018

Executive Director, Ortus Club

Climbing the corporate ladder was easier in a small company, but it was never smooth sailing. I had wanted to try my hand at different responsibilities within different departments and found myself inadequate when not being able to deliver the quality results and high standards I had always held myself up to. For example– I had tried to improve our finance system, and I was met with a long email from our Managing Partner at how I just made things even more complicated and confusing. And even though I graduated as a marketing major and was honored with the title of “Top Marketing Student” in the year 2018, I had failed miserably with a rebranding project I was handed. 

It wasn’t an easy pill to swallow and had hindered me from trying anything new in fear of failing again, but if there’s anything my alma mater taught me, it was to not be afraid of failure. To count every misstep as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and grow. With every downfall, I had gained a lesson that could have not been taught had I not experienced failure first-hand. 

A perfect example of this was when I was chosen to compete in Ginoo and Binibini ng Buwan ng Wika. I was completely bombed and hadn’t even answered the quick round of questions that were given within the first 5 minutes of the competition. My whole department was rooting for me and I had let everyone down. But never was I subject to judgment for my performance in that pageant. They even elected me again to compete in Mr. and Ms. CBA where I landed 1st Runner Up! And again in Mr. and Ms. LPU. I distinctly remember that a professor of mine had told me “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

In all honesty, LPU was never my first choice, but I once said I struck a goldmine with my job and it can easily apply to my experience with LPU as well. Had I not enrolled in this university; I would have never met such brilliant minds who saw the same in me. Professors and Directors, and so many others had been nothing but 100% supportive in my journey throughout my 4 years as a student and made the walls of LPU feel more than just stone. They made it feel as the school was built with halls of knowledge. 

2 years after graduation, and here I am, an Executive Director and soon to be the Head of the Asia Pacific Region. All I can really say is– thank you, Lyceum, for ingraining in me to “Take the Lead”. I hope I’ve made you all proud. #ButiNalangNagLyceumAko #YLP #LyceanLaurel