How do I accomplish my Online Application?

Using Chrome or Firefox browser, please visit the LPU Batangas Student portal. To register, click ‘Register Here!’ and type in the required information. Please check your email for the link to the Applicant Data Entry form. Once you have accomplished the form, the Admissions Office will send your login credentials for the student portal which you will need for the enlistment/enrollment.

Is the Entrance Exam Required?

The Entrance exam is required for Maritime applicants (BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering) and applicants for the Graduate School.

Do I need to undergo a medical exam first when applying for the Maritime Program?

Yes, you must undergo a medical exam and must be deemed fit to take the maritime program. This is also a requisite before you are allowed to take the entrance exam.

How do I get my schedule for taking the ONLINE Entrance Examination (for BSMT/BSMarE applicants)?

After verification and validation of your payment by the LPU Cashier, the Counseling and Testing Center (CATC) will notify you via email regarding the schedule and specific instructions for the entrance exam.

Who do I notify if I miss the exam schedule/ experience tech problems during the exam (for BSMT/BSMarE applicants)?

You may send an email to, send a private message to their FB page or you may call +63939-0046-965/ +63917-715-2474/+63908-205-0203

How do I get the results of the online entrance examination (for BSMT/BSMarE applicants)?

The results of your entrance examination will be sent to your email by the Counseling and Testing Center (CATC).

Do you accept ALS passers?

Yes, we accept ALS passers depending on their program eligibility.


When will AY 2022-2023 online enrollment start? (College and Senior High School)

Online Enrollment for College and Senior High School will start on April 18, 2022.

I am a returnee, what should I do if I want to enroll again in the same program?

Returnees should notify the Dept./ College by sending a letter of intent to enroll. This should be sent to the Dept./College email.

What will happen to my enlisted subjects if I am not able to pay within the validity date (within the 7 days validity date)?

The subjects and schedule that you selected will expire and be automatically deleted. In this case, you need to log in and encode your subjects and schedule again. Note that the subjects and schedules are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You can only choose from the subjects and schedules available at the time of your enrollment.

What should I do after paying the enrollment fee (for new students)?

  • Applicants will have to wait till payment is verified by the LPU cashier.  Refer to this link for the lead times depending on the payment channels you used:

Once payment is verified you will receive your enlistment confirmation along with your student number via email.

What should I do if I do not receive my enlistment confirmation in my email when payment has already been verified?

  • We will send the confirmation only to the email address you specified in your application. If in case, you do not receive the enlistment confirmation you should do the following:
  • Check SPAM folders in your email
  • Notify the REGISTRAR’s Office (REGO) via email:

How do I change my program after Enlistment/Registration and payment?

You may send your request for a change of program to this email:

What will happen to my previous down payment after changing my program?

It will be carried over to your enrollment in the new program.

When, how and where do I submit the admission requirements?

You may submit the admission requirements after receiving your enlistment confirmation (In the case of transferees and foreign applicants, requirements should be submitted prior to admission or unless specified) You can either submit the requirements (original hard-copies) in person or via courier addressed to Registrar’s Office, LPU Batangas, Capitol Site, Batangas City 4200

More information on the submission of admission requirements can be found here.

Until when can I submit the admission requirements?

The deadline of submission of admission requirements is indicated on your enrollment confirmation sent by the Registrar to your registered e-mail address.


How much is the entrance exam fee for Maritime and Graduate School Programs?

The entrance examination fees are the following:

  • For LPU Senior High graduates who will apply for Maritime – Personality Test-P144
  • Maritime Program Entrance Exam – P360
  • Masters Program- P250
  • Doctoral Program- P350

Where can I pay the Entrance Exam fee/ Enrollment fee and what do I do after paying?

  • Applicants may pay the entrance exam fee/enrollment fee thru our accredited payment facilities. More information regarding payment on this link:
  • Applicants will have to wait till payment is verified by the LPU cashier and issued an official LPU Receipt.  Refer to this link for the lead times for the verification of payment:

How much is the minimum down payment for enrollment?

Minimum down payment for the installment option

P2,000 -for 2nd semester AY 2021-2022

P3,500– for 1st semester AY 2022- 2023

P5,000– for Certificate Programs

When paying the enrollment fee for the first time use this reference number 99-2-20000 and settle payment only with our accredited payment facilities. More information regarding payment on this link: Payment of Fees

What if I am having difficulty paying through the accredited payment facilities, can I pay directly to the university cashier?

Yes. Please take note that all transactions will be accommodated at the main campus only, following the university safety protocols. Kindly use the appointment system of the university thru this link:

Note:  Payments may be done from Monday to Thursday, 8:30 AM-3:30 PM (except during holidays or as announced)


When I lodged my application the prompt says that I have the same First Name, Middle Name and Last Name with another applicant, what do I do?

Chances are you have already reached the time limit when filling out the form. Or you have filled out an application during a previous semester or academic year. The system will automatically detect that. If this happens, send a private message regarding this concern to the LPUB MIS Help Desk at

How can I change my program when the Applicant Number has already been generated?

Send a private message to the LPUB MIS Help Desk at

When filling out the educational background, I could not find the name of my previous school. What should I do?

Please choose the word others from the drop-down list. Schools not listed in the drop-down menu are classified as others. The Admissions office will just put the name of your school once you have submitted your admission requirements.

Just in case this does not work please send a private message to the LPUB MIS Help Desk at

What will I do if I encounter any technical problem while doing my online transactions using your system?

Send a private message to the LPUB MIS Help Desk at

What will I do if I cannot save the information encoded in the Application Data Entry Form?

Send a private message to the LPUB MIS Help Desk at


Where can I undergo the medical exam when applying for admissions to the Maritime program?

You may undergo the medical exam in any DOH-MARINA accredited hospital/clinic/diagnostic laboratory. Info on required medical tests can be found here: Medical Exam form for Maritime applicants

You may also send your medical exam inquiries to our University Medical and Dental Clinic (UMDC) via their Facebook page

What if I fail in the medical exam?

If you fail the medical exam, you will not be allowed to take the entrance exam for maritime.

What are my other options if I fail the medical exam?

If you fail the medical exam, you will not be allowed to take the entrance exam for maritime.

Failure to pass the medical exam would mean non-admission to the Maritime program. In case you do not pass the medical, you may still opt to take other LPU program offerings which do not require a medical exam (see other programs).

Do I have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

In preparation for the limited face-to-face classes, the Commission on Higher Education requires those who shall undergo in-person classes (refer to vaccine eligibility of the Dept. of Health) to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This will be part of our admission requirement for College, ETEEAP, Graduate School, and Certificate programs. While it is not required by DepEd, we encourage our High School students to have their COVID-19 vaccinations when eligible.

The university supports the vaccination program of the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


What are your available scholarship grants/ discounts for new applicants (College and SHS)?

Do I need to be enrolled first before I can apply for the LPU Scholarship grants?

Yes, you need to be officially enrolled first in LPU Batangas before you can apply for scholarship grants.

What if I submit incomplete requirements?

Requirements should only be submitted once and all at the same time. Make sure that requirements are complete before you submit, otherwise, your application will not be considered.

Other FAQs

How do I apply for the LPU student ID?

After receiving your enlistment confirmation, you may already apply for the LPU ID. Please refer to this link:

NOTE: You need to apply for the LPU student ID because you will need this to enter the campus if we revert back to face-to-face classes.

How do I purchase books?

You may purchase books from the LPU Bookstore. Please refer to this: Book Ordering

Do I need to purchase uniforms?

Purchase of uniforms is deferred if classes are held online.

LPU-Batangas Office Contact Details

For any further help or assistance, please contact us via text, call or email or thru Facebook Messenger:


+63 932 406 5287

(043) 723-0706 loc. 158-159


+63 966 766 0546

+63 939 643 7240

(043) 723-0706 loc. 156

Cashier’s Office

+63 961 754 0068

043) 723-0706 loc. 154

Scholarship Office

+63 915 663 6204

+63 921 818 3113

(043) 723-0706 loc. 120-181

Counseling and Testing Center

(043) 723-0706 loc. 118

Management Information Systems

Admissions Office

+63 936 566 6217


Send us your inquiries and we would be glad to answer them.

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