SLRC Rules & Regulations For High School Students

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(For High School Students)
S. Y. 2013-2014

The SLRC  aims to support the educational program of the institution. It is planned for the use of  faculty, students and employees. Since the SLRC  is the basic source of learning materials for every department, all are enjoined to make full use of its facilities and resources, keeping in mind the following rules and regulations.


  1. The school I. D. has to be scanned at the control desk upon entering the SLRC. Only what is needed for research work may be brought inside the SLRC . Students with damaged I. D. that cannot be read by the barcode scanner are required to print their names temporarily in the logbook of SLRC  users.
  2. Borrowing privileges are not transferable and must be exercised personally.
  3. Reference books, periodicals, newspapers, clippings, book in sets are for room use only however, these may be allowed to be loaned out for photocopy.
  4. Theses, dissertations, feasibility studies, CDs, DVDs, slides, tapes, and cartographic  materials are for room use  only. Photocopy / picture taking is prohibited.


  1. The students may borrow 3 non-fiction  and 2 fiction books at a time for 7 days in the Circulation Section  for home reading  and   may be renewed , if there are no prior request.
  2. Books in the Reserved Section may be borrowed and read inside the SLRC  on a one hour loan. They may be drawn out for overnight use and are to be returned not later than 8:00 o’clock the following morning.
  3. Reserved books for overnight will not be lent out on Saturdays so that these can be ready for use on Mondays.
  4. Any book on loan may be recalled if:
  • book is to be placed on “Reserved” for a course or is to be given shorter loan period;
  • it is overdue;
  • the SLRC  is conducting the annual inventory.

5. Borrowing of books and other materials shall be confined only inside the SLRC  fifteen days before the final examinations. This is to ensure that the students will not incur   SLRC  accountabilities at the end of the school year.


  1. A corresponding fine of three pesos (P3.00) per book / day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, is charged for each overdue book.


  1. Every borrower must examine the book or other materials he/she borrows and report immediately to the librarian any damage book, e.g., torn or missing pages before leaving the SLRC.
  2. Lost or damaged books which are out –of-print may be replaced with a copy of the same subject or latest edition acceptable to and approved by the librarian.
  3. Any lost books must be reported immediately so that chargeable fine will not accumulate.


  1. Taking any books, periodicals, clippings or other SLRC  materials out of   the SLRC  without having them checked and recorded at the Circulation desk is a serious violation of rules and regulations.
  2. Likewise, defacing, tearing, damaging a book, periodical or other  reading materials are serious violations of school rules and regulations.
  3. Silence  must be observed at all times. Use of cell phone, walkman, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, and other gadgets that may disrupt the operation of the SLRC  may not be allowed inside.
  4. Chatting, smoking, eating, sleeping, singing, drinking and public display of affection are absolutely prohibited.  Each student is requested to help keep the SLRC  neat and orderly.
  5. Scissors, cutter and other sharp objects are not allowed inside the SLRC.
  6. Users leaving the SLRC  should present their things for inspection to the authorized personnel assigned at the Deposit Counter.
  7. Disciplinary measures are imposed upon students on the following violations:
  • overdue books – book fines
  • loss of Deposit Section tag number – for replacement by the user
  • Defacing, damaging a book and unauthorized   taking out of SLRC  materials
  • – (1st warning) – one month suspension*
  • – (2nd warning) – five months suspension*
  • – (3rd warning) – one year suspension*
  • Chatting, eating, sleeping, singing, drinking and smoking, use of cell phone, public display of affection
  • – (1st warning) – one month suspension*
  • – (2nd warning) – five months suspension*
  • – (3rd warning) – one year suspension*
  • Use of Cell phone, walkman, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, and other gadgets
  • – (1st time) – warning
  • – (2nd warning) – one week suspension*
  • – (3rd warning)  – one month suspension* Confiscation and forwarding of gadget to the Office of the Principal  (2nd time)
  • Using another student’s I. D.
  • – one month suspension* (1st time)
  • – five months suspension* (2nd time)
  • – both students (lender and borrower) will be reported to the Guidance Counselor & High School Principal
  • Browsing restricted/pornographic websites and, downloading indecent materials from the Internet
  • – one month suspension* (1st time)
  • – five months suspension* (2nd time)

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