SHL Learning Resource Center

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SHL Learning Resource Center
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S.Y. 2013-2014

Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas (formerly Lyceum of Batangas) was established on Sept. 27, 1966. Its initial library collection came into existence with the opening of the High School Department. Books were donated by the Lyceum of the Philippines. The modest collection housed at the Jose P. Laurel Building began to grow as the school opened the Collegiate Department with Liberal Arts, Education and Commerce programs. It continued to expand as it looked forward to the library needs of other courses.

In 1989, the school saw the need for a separate building to accommodate the growing number of students. A library at the 3rd floor of the Sotero H. Laurel building was constructed to house the Para-medical collection.

To enhance and improve library operations and services, and to keep pace with the trends in technology, the computer-assisted research was introduced to the users in 1995. References available in Compact Discs may be availed by using the CD-ROM/Multimedia Computer. The Internet Room was established in 1997 with 15 units of computer exclusively for internet access.

In May 1999,the Marine Academy programs were re-accredited by CHED and IMO, the library got an excellent rating. After the accreditation the Lyceum Merchant Marine Academy Library was transferred to the fourth floor of the newly built Lyceum International Maritime Academy in Cuta, Batangas City. It has 586.5 square meters floor area, also fully air-conditioned with 200 seating capacity.The collection consists of books for the Maritime Academy & College of Engineering professionaland general education subjects.It has special collection of International Maritime Organization Publications.While the Main and SHL SLRC were totally air-conditioned in order to preserve the library materials and to further provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

To meet the changing needs of our clientele and to respond to the fast changes of technology, the term library was changed to “Instructional Media Center” in 2001 and the installation of an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) in summer of 2002.

In June 2004, theSHL SLRC ’scollection and resourceswere merged with theMain SLRCin preparationforthetransfertothebiggerSLRCat the 3rd floor of thenew SHL Building which materialized last April 25, 2005. The total floor area is 1,366.5 square meters with a starting seating capacity of 300 readers, including the Center for Batangas Studies and J. P. L. Museum which were separately manned by the Officer-in-Charge.

The 2 SLRCs have a total collection of approximately 40,000 volumes to date and a virtual collection in the Internet Room. It subscribes to local and

foreign periodicals. It has a special collection of undergraduate and graduate school theses, feasibility studies, research papers, information file materials, Compact Disc, slides and the Archives Collection.

To ensure the security of the holdings, a 3M electronic security system device with Bookcheck sensitizer and desensitizer were installed in each SLRC last April 2008 andClosed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) in Oct. 2009.

The “SLRC Users Monitoring System” is being maintained thru the use of a barcode scanner to scan the ID of students, faculty members and personnel who avail the SLRC services.The in-house system was developed by the Management and Information System staff and was installed last Summer of 2009.

To provide a more conducive and relaxing area for the students, reading couches were purchased for the Main SLRC. The Reference and Periodicals Section of the Main SLRC was expanded in March 2011 inclusive of the hallway near the Multimedia Rooms.The Multimedia Rooms which serve as venue for Seminars, classroom related activities, academic contests and otherinstitutional activities are equipped withbuilt-in LCD projectors.

A staff of licensed-librarians, library assistants and student assistants take care ofthe2 SLRCs and are supervise by the SLRC Director.

Student with violation will be reported to the Guidance Counselor &   High School Principal

*Suspension of SLRC  privileges


Newly Acquired Books (June 2012 – April 2013)

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