Rules & Regulations For Faculty and Personnel

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  1. The school I. D. has to be scanned at the control desk upon entering the SLRC. Faculty members and non-teaching personnel  with damaged I. D. which cannot be read by the barcode scanner are required to print their names temporarily in the logbook of SLRC users.
  2. The school I. D. card must be presented at the Circulation/ Reserved  Counter every time a user borrows or returns a book or other SLRC materials.


  1. Faculty members and non-teaching personnel may borrow 10 books at a time from the Circulation Section for a period of three weeks  and may be renewed depending upon the demand for these books.
  2. Books in the Reserve Section, particularly textbooks and other references are for SLRC use only. Faculty are encouraged to have a personal copy of the prescribed textbooks in their respective subjects.
  3. Compact Discs or DVDs may be borrowed  for 3 days from the Internet Section 3 titles at a time and may be renewed.
  4. Old issues of periodicals (loose copy) may be loaned out for one day only.
  5. Theses, dissertations, feasibility studies and archives materials are for  room use only.
  6. Slides, tapes, posters, and cartographic materials  may be borrowed for classroom use  only  for  one day.
    • Any SLRC material  on loan may be recalled before the due date if:
      • the book is to be placed on “Reserved” for a course or is to be given shorter loan period;
      • it is overdue;
      • the SLRC is conducting the mandated annual inventory.


  1. A corresponding fine per day, excluding Sundays and Holidays, is charged for each overdue SLRC materials.


  1. Every borrower must examine the book or other materials he/she borrows and report immediately to the librarian any damage to the book, e.g., torn or missing pages before leaving the SLRC.
  2. Lost or damaged books or other materials must be replaced within a semester.
  3. Lost or damaged books which are out-of-print may be replaced with a copy of the same subject or latest edition acceptable to and approved by the librarian.
  4. Any lost books must be reported immediately to the librarian so that chargeable fine will not accumulate.


  1. To ensure prompt return of book/s or any material, the librarian will send overdue notice to all personnel. No faculty or personnel with record of overdue will be allowed to borrow until such overdue materials  are returned.
  2. All personnel are required to secure clearance from the SLRC at the end of every semester or before leaving the school for long leave of absence or upon termination of duty. List of lNMC accountabilities will be reported to the Accounting Office.
  3. Faculty members are not allowed to use the SLRC as venue for classroom or discussion and other non-SLRC related activities except when the students are toured or oriented in the use of the SLRC.
  4. Smoking, eating, sleeping, loud conversation, use of cell phones  are absolutely prohibited in the SLRC.
  5. Users leaving the SLRC should present their things for inspection to the authorized personnel assigned at the Check-out Counter.

  1. Only authorized faculty, personnel and  students with validated school ID are allowed to enter and avail  the Electronic Research/Internet Section Services .
    • Open to all students, faculty and personnel(20 hrs. per semester – free of charge, excluding printing)
  2. The ID  card and registration form must be presented to the Internet assistant or librarian when inside the Internet room.
  3. The users should sign their names on the logbook when they enter the Internet room.
  4. All bags, books and other belongings should be deposited in the counter provided at the entrance of the SLRC.
  5. Eating,  drinking, chatting and  smoking are absolutely prohibited inside the Internet room.
  6. The users should use only the machine assigned to him or her.
  7. No users may operate the computer without the supervision of the Internet administrator or student assistant on duty.
  8. No CD, DVD, USB type or any storage devices  brought from outside may be used in the Internet room.
  9. Playing computer games and chatting are not allowed inside.
  10. Strictly no installation of any software, no browsing and downloading of indecent materials and no surfing in  restricted/ pornographic websites. Users who will be caught will be  reported to the SLRC Director for  disciplinary action and will forfeit his / her Internet  privileges for one  semester.
  11. Users with laptop are not also allowed to browse indecent / pornographic websites via  Wi-Fi inside the SLRC.
  12. Faculty members who need to avail the internet services for instructional purposes related to their subject must ask permission from the SLRC Director or  Librarian at least one day in advance.
  13. Faculty members with print-outs (a minimum of P50.00) may request for a salary deduction to be forwarded to the Accounting Office.
  14. Except for orientation / demonstration conducted by the Internet Administrator, silence shall be maintained while inside the Internet room.

  1. Visiting  researcher / student shall present a validated school I.D. – for  High School, College, or Graduate School students; a  Company I. D. for other researchers; and  Alumni I. D. for  Lyceum of the Philippines University Alumni.
  2. College and Graduate School students from other institutions shall also present a referral letter signed by the Chief/Head librarian to the Reference & Reader’s Services personnel of the  Instructional Media Center.
  3. A maximum of  five (5) researchers at a time from  each school shall be accepted  on a first-come-first-served basis  except for  High School students.
  4. A visiting researcher shall have free access to the SLRC resources every  Friday  and Saturday  which will include the following:
    • For High School students – Books, periodicals and clippings
    • For College Students – Books, periodicals, clippings and undergraduate  theses
    • For Graduate School/Alumni/ other researchers – Books, periodicals, clippings, theses and dissertations
  5. Researchers from Lyceum sister schools and High School students may be allowed any day except during final examination period, semestral break and summer.
  6. College,  Graduate School students, and other researchers shall not be accommodated during  examination dates, semestral  break and summer .

A visiting researcher shall observe the SLRC rules and regulations.
Capitol Site, Batangas City   Tel: +6343 723 0706 / 2441   Fax: +6343 723 0595


  1. Requesting College/ Department shall accomplish the “Multimedia Room Reservation” form (FM-LPU-SLRC-57/02) at least 5 days before use and with  accomplished Form for Use of Physical Facilities from PFMO, with approval of the Librarian or Library assistant.
  2. Secure the assistance of the SLRC Staff before using the multimedia room.
  3. Always put off the LCD projector / lights when not in use.
  4. Request for sound system, additional chairs or tables must be forwarded to the Materials Management  or PFMO by the requesting College/Department.
  5. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the room except during seminars and departmental meetings.
  6. Observe cleanliness and orderliness.
  7. Requesting department shall be liable for any damage or loss of equipment.


  1. Only authorized faculty, personnel and  students with validated school ID are allowed to use the iPad inside the SLRC for a maximum of one hour per day.

– Open to all students, faculty and personnel (20 hrs. per semester – free of charge, excluding printing)

  1. The ID  card and registration form must be presented to the Internet assistant or librarian  inside the Electronic Research/ Internet room.
  2. The user should sign his/her name on the logbook of iPad users.
  3. Changing  the settings of the iPad is strictly prohibited.
  4. The user is responsible for the proper use of the iPAd.
  5. The user is liable to any damage or loss of the iPad.
  6. Lost, damaged, broken or deformed iPad will be replaced by the borrower.

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