Ms. Freshman 2014 shares her LPU story

Ms. Freshman 2014 shares her LPU story
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   VIZCO_HS             Education is the cold water which a man searches in a middle of a dessert. This is a cure that fills out ignorance, an answer to poverty. It is the water that removes one’s thirst. It’s the food that nurtures the mind. Most importantly, it is a precious treasure that can’t be stolen by anyone. In relation to this, choosing the perfect university that will give the best education is a must. Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas is the institution that one is looking for.

                I didn’t have second thoughts on choosing my university. It’s just LPU-B that’s on my list. I had a hard time choosing the course which is suitable for my knowledge and skills. I do not like Science that’s why I did not choose something related to it. I absolutely hate Math. Thinking about numbers and solving problems make me crazy! I got nowhere to go until I learned about AB Mass Communication. At first, I was like, “Well, that program seems interesting!” This is the reason why I read its concepts and the employment opportunities for the said program. I’ve always loved writing. I can say that this is something which removes my stress. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion. I can fully express myself without if’s or buts unlike when I tell things verbally. Now, I’ve decided to take this course. Although I’m a beginner on ideas of photography, desktop publishing, films, and the like; I believe that with enough patience and dedication, these would bring me somewhere fruitful.

                LPU focuses not only on academics but also on the enhancement of skills and talents. This is a training ground for future leaders, professionals, and beauty queens, too! Before, I just thought that I would always be on the classroom or maybe in the canteen and that would be all. I’ve prepared myself with that routine because joining organizations that enriches talents whether singing or dancing was not for me. I’m a frustrated singer and a terrible dancer so I’ve got nowhere to go until I was brought to somewhere different. I was chosen by my classmates to be the representative for our course for Ms. Freshman. At first, I was doubtful because I’ve never really joined pageants. I was like, “Can I really do this?” I never really had an idea about that thing. In relation with this, I had a little preparation for that pageant. I have to reduce the food that I eat, especially rice. This thing was the most difficult adjustment I made. I love to eat! I also need to learn how to pose and how to walk properly and all those things. I knew that I wasn’t capable and prepared enough. I felt so nervous before, during, and even after the pageant. My nerves were shaking. I even thought that I would faint because of such pressure and nervousness but I entrusted everything to God and let Him guide me. I just said that He willed it, so be it. I felt shocked when I was declared as Miss Freshman. It was not totally what I wished for. Honestly, I only hoped to be included in the top 5 and nothing more. But what happened was beyond that. It was something to be thankful of. This was one of the most memorable events that I will forever cherish as long as I live.

                From then on, I realized that never let a dream remain as a dream. Instead, make a move to let this dream become a reality. That moment made me realize so many things. It was such an eye-opener. I was able to know my capabilities. It opened many doors of opportunities. On the other hand, studies should always be my top priority because it would always be the thing that will take me far with God’s help and LPU’s contribution. Lyceum of the Philippines-university is a place where I truly belong. “Buti na lang at nag-LPU ako!”


AB Mass Communication


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