Mission Statement Awareness Week 2014 Inter-Academic Competitions

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Vision, Mission Statement Recitation

  • First Place: Precious Anne M. Buela – BSITTM
  • Second Place: Gabrela Gabriel H. Abrihan – BSA V
  • Third Place: Mae Joy Kristine C. Balino – MLS II-D

Essay Writing Contest

  • First Place: Aileen F. Simbulan – COE
  • Second Place: Dawn Arbie F. Cleofe – CEAS
  • Third Place: Jerome D. Custodio – CITHM

General Information Quiz Bee

First Place: CBA

  • Arvin O. Caguitla
  • Monique Gaille E. Lupig
  • Jean D. Bailon

Second Place: COE

  • Gilbert John M. Bendanillo
  • Henry M. Benamer
  • Christian R. Luistro

Third Place: NURSING

  • Siselle Zyra M. Fajardo
  • Kurt Patrick D. Driz
  • Jaira S. Bitang

POSTER Making contest

  • First Place: Justine Ann A. Seruelas – GenEng 1A
  • Second Place: Almira Joy A. Dela Rosa – BSPSY IVA
  • Third Place: Chris Ryan Caraig – CLOCA II-A

LPU Prayer Interpretation

  • First Place: Marnila Marley F. Robles – BSITTM 3A
  • Second Place: Louis Ansgrero A. Sambo – BSMT JI-G
  • Third Place: Hazel S. Evangelista – ABMC II

LPU Hymn Chorale

  • First Place: College of Allied Medical Professions
  • Second Place: College of Nursing
  • Third Place: College of International Travel and Hospitality Management


  • Best Debater: Maria Estella C. Cruz
  • Best Speaker: Jerus Jade Reyes

Winning Team: Non-Allied Team

  • Mel Aljon A. Montesa
  • Alexander John R. Rosales
  • Maria Estella C. Cruz
  • Jerus Reyes
  • Edjell D. Millave

College of International Travel and Hospitality Management

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