LPU-B and CHED IV-A sponsor Gender and Development Regional Seminar-Workshop

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The Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas  (LPU-B) in partnership with the Commission on Higher Education Region IV-A, had enhanced its active advocacy in Gender and Development (GAD). On November 26, 2014, a Gender and Sensitivity Training GST) was held at the Multimedia Room SHL Building of LPU Batangas. LPU-B welcomed the participants from all over CALABARZON Region which was composed of Social Science Department Heads and professors. The event was graced by equally eloquent and knowledgeable speakers namely, Dr. Wilhelmina Masinsin, Program Coordinator, GAD Resource Center ; Dr. Ruby B. Brion, Director GAD LSPU system ; and Ms. Vaberlie P. Mandane, Assistant Director, GAD.

On her welcome message, DrEsmenia R. Javier, LPU-B Executive Vice President / VP for Academics and Research introduced LPU-B to the participants by giving a brief historical background of the University. She also recognized the effort of CHED whose kind assistance had made the event possible. She hoped for the realization of the seminar-workshop objectives and assured the participants that they would enjoy the LPU-B atmosphere and experience.

The seminar-workshop was aimed at meeting the following objectives:

  • Update the participants’ knowledge on the thrusts and directions of Gender and Development in the 21st century.
  • Prepare action plans on GAD projects and programs of their respective institutions.
  • Deepen participants’ awareness on the value of GAD Program as a tool in the development of highly gender-sensitive institutions

Dr. Wilhelmina Masinsin described how the issues on gender equality were addressed in a male-dominated institution. She was grateful for finding an equally enthusiastic GAD advocate as LPU-B and assured the assembly that the two institutions would be always there to assist in enhancing the GAD Program in their respective institutions.

Dr. Ruby B. Brion and Ms. Vaberlie P. Mandane tackled to Gender Fair Education. The discussion centered to “Gender Sensitivity” that will be added on the curriculum. They started the talk with their research base report. The presentation showcases Gender Fair Learning and teaching Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to students most especially on the tertiary level. It also stated the Violence Against Women and it’s differentiation. This includes physical violence, sexual violence, economic abuse and psychological abuse. They added that these merely occur by the reason of lack of economic and social rights. The presenters, enumerated the rights that women should obtain: quality education, health services, loans, jobs, paid equally base on work, marginalization and to be free on violence, slavery and political subordination. They said that all students should have access to a gender fair education programs and policies. To inspire the participants, resource speakers shared GAD tangible programs and projects being undertaken by their respective institutions along with best practices that resulted from the implementation of these programs and projects.

From the seminar impressions shared by a few participants during the closing ceremony, there were two very significant results of the seminar-workshop: One, the internalization of the essence of the GAD Program among the participants and two, the eradication of grey areas relevant to the legal basis and implementing guidelines of the program. They will go back to their respective stations full of zeal and confidence, ready for the task ahead.

This significant event was originally conceptualized by the CHED IV-A-GAD Core Group in partnership with LPU-B.


Article by: Arjay Encarnacion, ABMC I

Rex Abedes , Mass Comm Lab Coordinator

Photo Credits to: Pauline Almero, ABMC II

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