LIMA ties up with another Shipping Agency

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Lyceum International Maritime Academy ties up with Crewcare Inc, a shipping agency managing 40 new vessels mostly owned and operated by its Greek counterpart. Crewcare Inc is now a part of the long list of Shipping and Manning agencies which are partners of LIMA in the onboard training of its maritime students. LIMA will now provide cadets for their needed onboard fleet. Last November 24, 2014, representatives from Crewcare Inc, Mr. Georgeous N’Tournmas and Mr. Roberto Dagalea visited LIMA to look at its facilities including the engine and deck simulators.

LPU now has 15 deck and 8 engine cadets ready for their onboard training with Crewcare Inc.

LPU Batangas through its Lyceum International MAritime Academy is looking forward to a more fruitful partnership with Crewcare Inc.

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