Office of the President Loc. 102
Office of the Executive Vice President/VP for Academics and Research Loc. 104
Office of the Vice President for Finance Loc. 155
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Academics and Research Loc. 110
Accounting Office Loc. 155
Bookstore 723-7691
Cashier Loc. 154
Center for English Language Learning Loc. 173
Community Extension Loc. 184
Counseling and Testing Center Loc. 118
High School 706-1951
Human Resource Management and Development Office


– Service Desk


Loc. 123

Loc. 124

Internal Audit Loc. 164
Internship Office Loc. 172
Linkages and International Affairs Loc. 182
LPU International Dormitory 781-0521
LPU Maritime Training Center 702-9986
Management Information Systems – NOD Loc. 116
Management Information Systems -SDD Loc. 165
Materials Management Office Loc. 179
Office of Culture and Arts Loc. 183
Office of Student Affairs Loc. 106
Office of the Registrar Loc. 158
Physical Facilities and Maintenance Office Loc. 126
Planning and Quality Assurance Office Loc. 119
Purchasing Office Loc. 152
Research and Statistics Center Loc. 137
School Medical andDental Clinic Loc. 138
Sotero H. Laurel Learning Resource Center Loc. 114
Sports Management Development Office Loc. 190
Sports Relations and Institutional Affairs Loc. 181
Strategic Communications and Alumni Affairs Loc. 105-106


College of Allied Medical Professions Loc. 178
College of Arts Sciences and Education Loc. 131
College of Business Administration Loc. 127
College of Computer Studies Loc. 112
College of Criminal Justice Loc. 163
College of Dentistry Loc. 176
College of Engineering 723-0054
College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management/ TESDA Programs Loc. 108
College of Nursing Loc. 110
ETEEAP Loc. 120
Graduate School Loc. 121
Lyceum International Maritime Academy

Shipboard Training Office