Policy on the Use of Computer and Network Systems

Policy Statement

All electronic communication systems, including but not limited to telephones whether cellular phones or land lines, facsimile machines, photocopying machines, scanners, internet and email systems, computer networks, laptop or desk top computers, computer peripherals, servers, diskettes, CD's, DVDs, discs, flash drives or other storage devices, computer software and other computer hardware, computer applications, and other similar systems, provided by LPU in its premises, or otherwise owned by LPU regardless of its location (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "System"), and all messages, communications, data, documents, and information, in whatever format, transmitted through, received from, or stored in the System (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Content") are the properties of LPU. In view this, the System and the Content shall be used solely for official company related purposes. The use of the System and the Content for personal or private purposes is strictly prohibited.

Use by officers, employees and faculty of the System and the Content is not a matter of right but only by permission by LPU. The use of the System and the Content is allowed only for official LPU business and authorized purposes.

The Content, including email messages and internet use records are owned by LPU. In view of this, the Content stored, received, transmitted or otherwise used by the officers, employees and faculty in the System, including any of their personal email messages, communications, data, documents or other information shall not be deemed as private or confidential information of such officers, employees or faculty. All the Content, including such personal information, communications, data, and email messages of the officers, employees and faculty that are stored, received, transmitted or otherwise used in the System are subject to inspection, monitoring, copying, verification and review by LPU at any time and without need of notice, and LPU may use the said Content including such personal email messages, communications, data, documents, or information of officers, employees or faculty for such purposes as LPU may deem proper, including use as evidence as against the person[s] involved.

Use of the System, particularly the internet and email systems, are recorded in the server. The same includes records of email messages and the websites sites visited. Please be advised that LPU has the prerogative to monitor and examine use of the System by all officers, employees and faculty, including the Content such as the said email messages and the websites visited. With respect to software used in the System, all officers, employees and faculty are advised that only the MIS-SDD is allowed to keep, and maintain all licensed software. Unless otherwise instructed by the undersigned, the technical support personnel of MIS-SDD are the only authorized personnel who will address any problem in the System.

Implementing Guidelines

The use of the System is a privilege granted by LPU to its officers, employees and faculty, and shall be subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Only the websites that are related or consistent with the duties and responsibilities of the officer, employee or faculty concerned may be accessed or used. Access, use or attempting to access or use websites, including but not limited to pornographic websites, social networking websites such as Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, MySpace, blogs, chat rooms, and other similar websites, which are not related to the work required to be performed or for personal or private purposes is prohibited.
  2. Making any discriminatory, disparaging, defamatory, or harassing comments about LPU or any of its officers, employees, faculty or students through the use of the System is prohibited.
  3. No copyrighted or confidential publication, article, documents, communications, messages, data, information, software, internal correspondence, trade secrets or other materials of LPU shall be disclosed to any party or uploaded in any website or transmitted outside of LPU without prior authorization of LPU. Confidential information or trade secrets of LPU shall not be disclosed, transmitted or forwarded to other persons or parties not authorized to receive the same.
  4. Downloading, copying, installing, or using any software or data in violation of applicable intellectual property laws, including but not limited to illegal downloading, file sharing, use or distribution of music, movies, software, computer games or any other digital media through the System is prohibited. Use or installation of pirated software is prohibited.
  5. Important data, documents and information stored in the System shall not be deleted or altered without prior approval.
  6. Acessing, using, reading, copying, altering or deleting any other person's data, files or messages without specific authorization is prohibited.
  7. Maintaining, organizing, or participating in non-work-related blogs, web journals, chat rooms, or personal messaging, including text messaging, using the System is prohibited.
  8. The System shall not be used for personal commercial or business purposes or for any partisan political activity.
  9. The System shall not be used for gaming and entertainment, such as listening to music, internet radio, computer games, watching videos either through the internet or through digital media such as DVDs, VCD's or other electronic storage devices, or any unauthorized or personal activity.
  10. Computer software or hardware, passwords, IP addresses, LAN or other similar facilities shall not be altered, reconfigured, changed or reformatted without prior authority.
  11. Use of personalized screen savers or backgrounds in desk top or laptop computers is prohibited. Only screen savers or backgrounds previously authorized by LPU shall be allowed.
  12. Use, access, uploading, downloading or transmitting through the System any lewd, indecent or offensive material on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability is prohibited.
  13. Use, installation, downloading, uploading or transmission of any software or computer application without prior approval, including those that can cause congestion, disruption, damage, alteration, or impairment of the System, is prohibited.
  14. Necessary precautions, including but not limited to use of approved anti-virus software, shall be made so that all files, data, information, documents or other materials used or stored in the System are virus free.
  15. Introduction, downloading, uploading or tranmission of any virus, worm, trojan horse, or other code or file or act designed to damage, disrupt, disable, or impair the System is prohibited.
  16. All officers, employees and faculty shall protect and secure the System and shall immediately inform LPU of any threats to or risks affecting the System.
  17. Use of the System to support illegal activities, or for procuring or transmitting material that violates policies against harassment or the safeguarding of confidential or proprietary information is prohibited.
  18. Hacking or unauthorized copying or access to any website, data base, desk top or lap top computer, cellular phone, email address, password, or similar systems is prohibited.
  19. Use of alternate service providers for internet connection to the the System is not allowed, except in case of prior authorization and clearance by LPU.
  20. Officers, employees and faculty who are entrusted by LPU to use or have custody of laptop computers, cellular phones and other devices or equipment forming part of the System or other items owned by LPU shall be responsible for the proper use and maintenance of said devices and shall secure them from damage, theft or loss. Any loss of or damage to the said devices, equipment or items due to the fault or negligence of the said officers, employees and faculty shall be for their personal account and expense. No such laptop computer, cellular phones and other devices or equipment owned by LPU shall be brought out of the premises of LPU without a gate pass duly authorized and signed by the immediate superior of the person bringing the same out of LPU's premises, and such matter shall be duly recorded and logged by the security guards of LPU. Without need of any further demand from LPU, the said laptop computers, cellular phones, devices or other equipment owned by LPU shall be immediately returned by the officers, employees and faculty who have possession or custody of the same to LPU upon their resignation, retirement or termination of their employment from LPU.
  21. Sending "spam" or forwarded e-mail, chain letters, text messages, web pages, pictures, instant messages, voice mail, or other similar kinds of electronic messages are prohibited.
  22. All email messages shall be courteous and professional at all times. No Email message shall be transmitted without a legitimate or authorized reason.
  23. Forging, misrepresenting, obscuring, suppressing, or replacing a user identity on any electronic communication to mislead the recipient about the sender is prohibited.
  24. Transmission of unnecessary or unuthorized email messages, or transmission of an excessive number of email messages is not allowed.
  25. Use of the System for unlawful or malicious activities, or for activities that are not allowed based on existing policy of LPU is prohibited.
  26. Using abusive, profane, threatening, racist, sexist, or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private message is prohibited.
  27. Sending, receiving, downloading, uploading, viewing or accessing pornographic materials, games and other lewd, indecent or immoral materials is prohibited.
  28. Engaging in any activity, through the use of the System or the Content, that may harm or tarnish the image, reputation and/or goodwill of LPU and/or any of officers, its employees, faculty or students is prohibited.
  29. Failing to log off any secure, controlled-access computer or other form of electronic data system to which an employee is assigned, if one leaves such computer or system unattended, is prohibited.
  30. Giving personal passwords or access to another officer, employee, faculty student, or any unauthorized person, or obtaining any other person's password by any unauthorized means is prohibited.
  31. Using the System or the Content in soliciting or seeking employment to other companies, or sell products or services for personal gain is prohibited.

Penalties for offenses committed against this Policy, ranging from suspension to termination from employment, will be meted to erring officers, employees or faculty following the procedures stipulated in the Employees Manual after due process, without prejudice to such criminal action against said officer, employee or faculty as may be appropriate under the prevailing circumstances.

Effective Date
This Policy shall take effect on August 1, 2010.

Peter P. Laurel