ALECYEAN 2014 – The CSC-LSSC Elections

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The Lycean community, being a strong proponent of responsible leadership, once again showcased their appreciation of the aforementioned virtue during this year’s College Student Council Elections. The auspicious event transpired last July 15 and 21, 2014 at the Arsenio “Dodjie” Laurel Sports Arena for the Main Campus and at the lobby in front of the Registrar’s Office at LIMA Campus.

Just like last year, the Office of Student Affairs has coordinated with the Management Information System (MIS) Office in order to provide a reliable election system. Meanwhile, the help of the Internal Audit Office was elicited with regards to the strict monitoring of tallied votes. One of the outstanding recognized student organizations, Christ’s Youth in Action (CYA) served as the committee for the entrance and exit of voters. On the other hand, staff members of Phoenix, the Official Student Publication of the university, served as ushers and usherettes for the student voters. This year’s election was special as the COMELEC adapted a distinctive name for the event – ALECYEAN (The Automated Election of Lyceans).

The voting process used includes the initial screening of student voters. They were asked to present their student ID or registration form at the entrance as a confirmation that they are enrolled students who are entitled to vote. Those students who are valid to vote will be marked with a “valid” seal on their wrists. After the screening, they were instructed to proceed directly to vacant computer units or take the front seats as they wait for their turn. During the voting proper, the student voters were asked to have their IDs scanned by barcode readers placed beside some computer units. Some were asked to type their student numbers should the barcode readers fail to scan the IDs or if there is no barcode reader available. After the said process, they proceeded with the election of their favored candidates on their computer screens, which is accomplished by gently tapping the screens and posting their vote. Then they were assisted to the exit area where indelible ink will be placed on their right forefinger, serving as evidence that they have successfully voted. The number of posted votes was strictly recorded and checked before and after each election day. Additionally, the different colleges were informed from time to time regarding their current standing in the turnout of votes.

Lyceans showed an unfazed spirit, not hesitating to enthusiastically exercise their rights to vote. It is not surprising that during the first five hours of voting, there are already 3,337 students who have casted their votes, amounting to an overall turnout of 40.41%. At the end of the first election day, each college has been successful in meeting their respective majority votes. This was a big achievement considering the fact that the election proceedings have been hampered by an announcement of class suspension due to an approaching typhoon.

As the continuation of the election finally ensued on the 21st of July, students from all colleges continued to display an exemplary amount of support for their chosen candidates. At around 5:30 PM of the same day, the candidates and their supporters were asked to proceed to the gymnasium to witness and hear out the formal announcement of winners by Atty. Reynold S. Beredo, Officer in Charge of the Office of Student Affairs and the 2014 COMELEC Chairman, Mr. Meldrick Arjay A. Magsino. It was a moment of joy and accomplishment as COMELEC and OOSA started to express their utmost gratitude to the people who helped in making the event such a success.

It was also a moment of ambivalence as both victors and competitors hear out the names of the new College Council Officers. Each and every candidate was greeted with loud cheers from their avid supporters. The announcement of winners has also been an instrument to display a great deal of sportsmanship and nobility among all the political parties. Everyone hopes in anticipation that the political platforms of the winners will help their respective departments.

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